An adjustable hourglass that helps you effortlessly and beautifully integrate pomodoro and other time blocking practices into your daily routine...

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Using rotation to intuitively set the time from 1-100 minutes, the device has no moving parts and delivers a magical experience.

Blue Rings =1 Minute
Yellow Rings =10 Minutes 


Flipping it over starts the time, providing africtionless experience. Once the session is complete, it resets to the same amount of time. This allows you to repeat the same duration by just flipping it back and forth over again. 


The gentle lights slowly deplete as the time elapses providing a glanceable indication of how much time is left.

No more checking your device part way through and getting sucked back in to its notifications.


Unlike a traditional hourglass or kitchen timer, Focus Timer makes a soothing sound upon completion. With sound sampled from a real meditation chime, it doesn’t jolt you out of your focus session.

The integrated button on the bottom adjusts the volume, including mute (lights only) mode.