Electronics Samples Passed Testing!

I'm excited to share that the latest round of samples has passed functional testing! As you'll recall, an unexpected issue came up in the electronics which forced us to troubleshoot a bit. It was pretty challenging because in order to know for sure whether the fixes we implemented fully addressed all the issues, we had to do another round of production samples each time we made a change to the boards.

The rest of the journey is by no means simple, but with this issue behind us, the remaining parts of the process are much more straightforward. I still want to produce things in small batches at first though. If anything, this experience has reinforced how important it is to follow the process step by step and ramp things up as we go.

With this in mind, as best I can forecast, the first deliveries will begin in September for early backers and continue through November as production quantities increase. If it's at all possible to speed things up I certainly will and, as always, I'll keep you posted along the way.

As I've explained before, the main parts of the project are plastics, electronics, and software... and once each of these individual elements has been finalized, we need to make sure they work together. These lates challenges are one example of that- where the code needed to work with the final electronics. And we've passed that milestone.

Once production of the plastics and PCBs are complete we'll move to production assembly- where the plastics need to work with the physical circuit boards. And lastly, packaging and shipping.

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