Batch 3 Arrived!

Batch 3 Arrived!
I'm thrilled to announce that Batch 3 arrived! While I knew it was on the way I was honestly caught off guard when I woke up to find that somehow the delivery driver had silently deposited 32 large boxes of timers in my driveway!
Once we ferried them over to my studio, we began delving into them to perform final checks before shipping them out. While it's taken a lot of time and energy to develop the product so it can be produced in larger volumes, it's just now starting to pay off.
This is the first injection molded product I've made and it's pretty cool to see how consistent the parts are and how well they fit together.
We've also received some nice feedback on timers that are starting to arrive from Batch 2:

It's like it knows you're twisting it!

-Ian (Age 11)

I just took delivery of the timer and wow! Love it. It's everything you represented:)

-Dan (Kickstarter Backer)

Pomodoro Focus Timer Review 1
Pomodoro Focus Timer
While this milestone is super satisfying and I want enjoy it, there's still a lot of work to do in order to get all of these pre-orders to their new homes!
This order will cover all of the Kickstarter backers and they've just received their surveys. It also covers the pre-orders placed online. There will be a few additional ones which will initially be offered to Kickstarter backers. Depending on inventory, we'll either do a wider launch after that or place an additional order first.
Pomodoro Focus Timer Transport
Over the next few weeks, we'll be shipping these to Kickstarter backers in 70+ countries! I can't wait to see how they're put to use!

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