The Reviews are In!

Timers from the first batch of 50 have begun to arrive and it's been great to hear the first feedback start to come in. Here are a few highlights:

"As usual, you've done an incredible job with a great product and great management of a crowdfunding campaign... Also, the thing is BEAUTIFUL, especially when lit up."
- Kenny

"The delivery, packaging, and functionality of the Focus Timer are awesome! Nice Job!"

"I really like the timer. It is very well made. (I didn’t doubt this as all of your products are great and last) Very responsive to spinning and flipping and makes pleasant sounds. The included manual was helpful to use it. It is a really cool product." 

The next batch is on its way to the studio now. Here's a glimpse into the testing and shipping process that takes place for them:

This latest batch takes us through Backer 1000 of the Kickstarter backers. I'm pleased to say that since things are going well, we're ramping up the quantity on the next batch. It'll take us all the way through the rest of the Kickstarter backers. That timeframe is looking like March at the moment, though if some are assembled earlier and the factory sends a partial shipment to me, we'll send those out to backers a bit earlier as well.

I can't wait to continue to hear from more folks as they use them!

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