Batch 1 Complete!

Batch 1 Complete!
I don't think I've ever hit refresh so many times in my life. Since the moment I got the tracking number for the first batch of timers, I started checking on it even when it was days away.

They actually did end up arriving a couple of days earlier than the tracking had indicated... a text notification surprised me while I was out and about on Sunday. Then came the anticipation as I made my way home.

I'm not sure exactly what to call it when you're looking forward to something, but there's a chance it may not work out? Cautiously optimistic? With all the work that has going into things so far to make these come out right, it was hard to imagine what else I could do if somehow there was still some kind of issue. I decided to try not to worry about it and just have faith in the process- if something wasn't right, the root cause could be identified, and changes could be made.

Opening the first box brought delight- finally a REAL timer! But it wasn't until each unit was opened, inspected, and tested, that true relief came. They all passed with flying colors!

This is the promise of mass production- that at a certain point, when you test everything ahead of time, have very tight tolerances such as with injection molding, and each one comes out exactly the same.

The first ones I made using 3D printing had a sort of magic to them: that they could seem like a real working product. But these achieve an equally impressive feat: that they can faithfully reproduce the original concept in a way that allows me to share it with so many more people. It's awesome to see how this project has progressed and come full circle.


Dec 01, 2023 • Posted by Dave Z

@Andy- Yep! You’ll be able to add on timers.

@Alfonso- Yeah I shot some video when I was testing them… I’ll try to get those up on Instagram soon!

Dec 01, 2023 • Posted by Will Hearnshaw

Great news! Any chance of a video demo or such?

Dec 01, 2023 • Posted by Andy D

Great news, Dave! We backers are excited; I can only imagine how excited you are!!! Side-note: will we have an opportunity to order an add-on timer at survey time?

Nov 28, 2023 • Posted by Dave Z

Thanks for your support Alfonso!!

Nov 28, 2023 • Posted by Alfonso Velasquez

Congrats!!! We are With you from A to Z!!

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